Why banning crypto from Facebook is not a smart move and crypto payment is the future

Picture: Shamim Nakhai

Right now history repeats itself: It wasn’t long ago that Facebook was under fire by the government: It was deemed hostile for society, politicians tried to slow it down, even considered a ban. Now Facebook is in power. They have the power of a virtual, global government and Mark Zuckerberg can dictate pretty much everything he wants. Now they are effectively banning crypto — ICOs and crypto business do not have the right anymore to properly advertise on Facebook.

That’s a mistake

Picture: Facebook

Banning something because it’s new, unproven and unusual is never a good idea. The church tried to ban Gutenberg’s printing machines because they didn’t want to loose power. Without Gutenberg, people wouldn’t be able to read today, there would likely be no internet. And crypto is the printing machine of our time now: It’s our chance of decentralized payment. With crypto, we could avoid giant banking fees, make wiring money faster and more efficient. And this is where VAYLA comes into the game.


A slogan that reflects the future HAVE A NICE PAY is a slogan that reflects what we truly want to achieve: We are redefining travel with crypto: One world, one sim-card, rechargeable with a virtual currency of your choice. It doesn’t matter wether you go to Paris, New York or Mumbai — all you need is our app.

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