How VAYLA will change your life: Never miss your special moment again

Picture: Yoann Boyer

We’ve all been there: That wonderful sunset in Miami, that gorgeous view from a terrace in New York, the snapshot right in front of the Taj Mahal, with the magical garden in the background. You see it, you take the shot, you want to post it. But there is no WIFI. And your contract doesn’t allow you to use data without paying a fortune.

There is an app for that

Picture: Varshesh Joshi

That’s unnecessary. Technology should make our lives easier, more enjoyable. It shouldn’t set boundaries, but create freedom of expression. That’s why we are working so hard on VAYLA — Have a Nice Pay. We want to give you a tool, that does all the work so you can focus on what truly matters: That kiss on Times Square, that smile while feeding an Elefant, that update when you’ve closed the biggest business deal of your life. Especially in our world we need data and we need it all the time.

Special moments are meant to be shared right away

Picture: Jared Sluyter

How many Instagram Stories have you missed because you had no data plan for the respected country? We always plan to post these special moments later, but we forget. Because it’s now and now is the right time to share them. And just think about how much easier your life could be with an app, that allows you to just use crypto to have data wherever you go. Imagine the possibilities. One day you go live, telling your view of the world, the next you could be the next Simon Sinek or Tony Robbins. You remember Sineks breakthrough moment? It was a minute on TV, that went viral. That minute could happen anywhere in the world, get thousands of shares, turn you into a motivational speaker. Opening up business opportunities, transforming your life.

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